Are you ready to participate in the FancyFrogForest Adopt -a- Highway clean-up project?


3 Easy Steps

Litter Pick up Project
Image: Modified from wsdot
In cooperation with the Washington State Department of Transportation

Step 1: You must first review the Safety Video (two formats available)

View as Windows Media Player file:
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View as RealPlayer Video:
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Also review the Safety Tips:

Step 2: You must print and sign the "Participant Registration Form"  [PDF]

Step 3: Contact Group Leader for Clean up times and dates

Clean up dates (crews are currently limited to invitation only)

New Ranger   

Our new Litter Pick-up Vehicle
A 2014 Polaris Ranger
Thank you Gary at:

for a great deal!


Litter Pick Up Route Map (hover over map for alternate route)

Image: Modified from Google Earth

Activity Report Form: Group Leader: Fill out and send the activity report to your local coordinator after each litter pickup
Safety Tips: Your safety is important, please review the safety tips

We DO have off highway parking at 4333 Hwy 292, Fancy Frog Forest (do not park on the highway)
We DO require each participant to wear gloves (ask if you need gloves)
We DO have a box for broken glass and sharp objects (do not place them in bags)
We DO recycle: glass, cans, and plastic bottles
We DO have poison ivy in the area (see images below)

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy in the fall
Poison Ivy in the Spring   Poison Ivy in the Fall Join us!
CERT litter Crew, that's me in the back making bunny ears

  Litter pick up

Above: August Litter Crew -- Thanks Everyone   (even Hazel the pup)

Sammie is old enough to really help on litter days. We had 4 pickup days this year.

Contact Group Leader for information
Fancy Frog Forest in participation with the Washington State Department of Transportation
Adopt a Highway Project